Fix Windows 10 error code 19 for CD/DVD drives

I recently tried to convert a CD to MP3 (as part of my private copy for cds without protection), since my car stereo doesn’t have any CD drive at all. Therefore I’ve installed CDEX. CDEX complained about a missing CD drive, which puzzled me since I know that I have a DVDRW drive installed in my desktop PC. Upon further investigation I’ve seen no drive letter assignment in the explorer or disk management of Windows 10.

A closer look in the device manager showed me a problem with my drive:

Windows 10 code 19 dvd drive

I’ve tweeted this and got some responses from the official Windows support account. While I like this unexpected help and its experience, their advise wasn’t really helpful 🙁

I took control and searched the web for the exact error message from the device manager:

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

Beware: Take a backup of your registry before you edit and just follow instructions from the internet! I cannot be held responsible for damage/problems caused to your machine.


I only found instructions for older Windows versions. However, I’ve tried those instructions on my machine and found a LowerFilters entry in my machine’s registry:

Windows 10 fix for Code 19


I’ve deleted it from the registry and rebooted. After the reboot my drive was working as expected without the need for any new driver or firmware updates.